We know how important it is for you and your family to find moments of relaxation during your stay in Myrtle Beach. Not only is it a great opportunity to distract your mind, but also to meet new people and get into the warm spirit of American culture. Therefore, we would like to offer you a list of the most popular attractions and activities for the summer of 2022 in Myrtle Beach.

Ripley’s Aquarium Of Myrtle Beach

One of the most popular attractions for our tourists is undoubtedly Ripley’s Aquarium of Myrtle Beach. It is located next to Ocean Boulevard, a place of entertainment in the middle of the sea. Enjoy a walk in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean; share with penguins and learn all about the marine ecosystem of Southern California.
These are some of our most important events:

Breakfast With Mermaid – June 10, 14, 17, 21 / 8:00 am – 10 am

  • Hot breakfast of eggs, bacon, pancakes, fresh fruit, orange juice, and coffee starting at 8:00 a.m.
  • Special mermaid craft
  • Mermaid story time
  • Meet and greet with a mermaid
  • Souvenir photo with a mermaid
  • Aquarium admission following the event

Pride The Wave – June 3 / 8:00 am – 10pm

  • A souvenir photo
  • Delicious bites & one drink ticket
  • Live DJ with a night of entertainment
  • Drag performances alongside meet & greets with your favorite stars
  • Competition for Best Dressed
  • Giveaways

Birthday Parties

If you want celebrate your son birthday, Ripley´s Aquarium offer you the best option to schedule a happy surprise. Here you can find the side to your reservation. Some package includes:

  • Make a Penguin Pal: 69,99 per person
  • Swim with the rays: 65,00 per person
  • Glass bottom boat adventure: 9,99 per person

All what you need to get the best sea experience of your life!

The Murrells Inlet Marshwalk

Do you enjoy fishing, water sports or just enjoying the sea in a boat with your family and friends? If you are one of these marine enthusiasts, you can’t miss the opportunity to visit The Murrells Inlet Marshwalk. Here you will not only find excellent restaurants, but you can also take a stroll along the pier and, why not, if you wish, rent a boat to go fishing and explore the sea.

To undertake this beautiful adventure, we would like to suggest Crazy Sister Marina. Here you will be able to find the best prices for the activity you wish to do. Some of them can be:


  • Sport fishing. You can take part in a sport fishing excursion in a six-passenger boat. Enjoy the open sea aboard the Side Kick.
  • Head Boat. The best way to increase your level or to learn about the marine world. The options offered by this tour are special in the Crazy Sister Marina. You can choose a deep sea fishing trip aboard the Head Boat, or you can choose a small shore trip and learn how the fishing world works.
  • Inshore fishing. If what you want is a private excursion to fish your own food, Inshore fishing is the best option you can find. Recommended especially for experts and for people who want to invest a few hours to enjoy fishing.


  • Parasailing. A paragliding trip can take away the stress you have accumulated from so much effort at work. This option is ideal to enjoy and stay clear in the middle of the water.
  • Jet skis. If what you want is a bit of speed and adrenaline, Jet Sky is always the best option you can find. Go out and get to know the surroundings of the coast, clear your vision of the urban part and dedicate yourself to enjoy the sea.


  • Dolphin watch tour. Get up close and personal with the most intelligent animals in the world after humans. This tour is ideal for children to experience their closeness to the sea. Without a doubt, it is a magical experience.
  • Tiki bar cruise. The best way to end or start a vacation trip. Schedule a private meeting with the people you love the most and share a pleasant time accompanied by refreshing drinks.


The best way to enjoy and have fun on vacation:

  • Paddleboard. Test your own balance and speed in the water.
  • Kayaks. Build your own team and compete with another to see who pays for dinner.
  • Inlet Boats. Enjoy a short trip along the coast drinking a cold beer in the company of your partner and your best travel friends

Hikes, Parks And Zoos

The range of possibilities offered by Myrtle Beach is exceptional in every aspect. Not only because of its direct relationship with the marine world, but also because of the land options that allow you to have a special contact with nature. Sometimes you don’t even have to pay for them, but they leave you with an extremely enriching experience.

Some of the options we refer to are expressed through the following spaces:

Myrtle Beach

Although it may seem like an obvious space in your trip, sometimes we don’t take the time to take a walk along the beach to get to know it a little better, maybe to meet new people or just to get some fresh air and forget about everything for a moment. Walking along the beach is one of the best recommendations to clear your mind and feel really rested. A little meditation by the sea is always healthy.

Animal Zoo

Why not share a moment with the animals at the Myrtle Beach Zoo? Get to know the variety of species and take a tour in the company of your family. The best way to learn and enjoy at the same time. Prices are completely affordable and at your fingertips. Don’t miss the opportunity to share up close with members of other species.

Natural Parks

If what you want is to have a direct contact with nature, with silence and with the pure air of the forest and trees, Myrtle Beach also offers you the opportunity to visit some of its natural parks. Wee Wonderland, for example, offers you the best trails to take a walk in the open air or to make a long route on your bicycle. Whichever way you choose, you will be able to breathe in the fresh air of the forest. You will then return to your hotel completely refreshed.